Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Gato Preto - Tschukudu EP (Plus Two Free Promo Mixes and 4 Track EP)

Here is the long awaited debut release on Riot Riot records 'Tschukudu' from female vocalist Gata Misteriosa and DJ/producer Lee Bass aka Gato Preto. The EP features the original track 'Tschukudu' three remixes by Access Denied, Hanuman Tribe and Flore who all add their own unique styles to the track, plus an edit topped off with vocals from Swiss artist B Crazy. Making this an unmissable 5 track tropical bass masterpiece!
Full EP Preview:

Beatman & Ludmilla: "Mega giga support!!!"
RuN Riot: "Hanuman Tribe always smash it!"
Ben & Lex: "Honestly cant pick a fave..they are all DOPE!!! Hanuman Tribe & Access Denied might just win tho."
Mr. No Hands: "Really digging the Hanuman breaks mix!"
Hexadecimal: "Love the Access Denied and Hanuman Tribe Mixes!!!!"

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Be sure to check out the free downloads after the jump.

Promo Mixes:
Tschukudu Promo Mixtape (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Gato Preto

HANUMAN TRIBE 'Tschukudu EP Promo Mix Pt.2' by HANUMAN TRIBE

Four Track EP:
TSCHUKUDU FREEBIE EP [RRB006] free downloads. by riotriotrecords

Gato Preto:
01. Gato Preto-Tschukudu (Ertu+Pushkin Remix)
02. Gato Preto-Tschukudu (Lee Bass Remix)
03. N.O.H.A. - Yemanja (Gato Preto Remix)
04. Sinden - HIGH DEMAND feat. Jesse Boykins III (Lucky Beard Dub Remix)
05. Diamond Bass - Straight Up
06. Gato Preto-Tschukudu (Flore Remix)
07. Gato Preto - Dinheiro Negro
08. Lee Bass - Edelweiss (Hat + Hoodie Remix)
09. Drop The Lime - Shake Baby Shake (Dj Dizzy Remix)
10.Gato Preto-Tschukudu (feat. B'Crazy)

Hanuman Tribe:
01. Gato Preto - 'Tschukudu' - Riot Riot Broken
02. Will Bailey - 'Warhead Pt. 2' (Sharkslayer remix) - Simma (promo)
03. Hatiras & Kongman - 'Helicopter' (Kongman mix) - Surfer Rosa
04. aUtOdiDakT & John Disco feat Spoek Mathambo - Fake Fred Perry (Access Denied remix) - Traktor
05. Gato Preto - 'Tschukudu' - (Access Denied remix) - Riot Riot Broken
06. K-Theory - 'Get It Right' - Bass = Win
07. aUtOdiDakT & RQM - '15 Seconds' (GTronic rmx) - Traktor
08. Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC - 'Pounding' (Jay Robinson remix) - Instant Vibes
09. Wazabi - 'Shogun' (Shameboy remix) - King Kong Records
10. Elite Force - 'Be Strong' (The Loops Of Fury remix) - U&A
11. Gato Preto - 'Tschukudu' (Hanuman Tribe remix) - Riot Riot Broken
12. Kill The Noise - 'Deal With It' - OWSLA
13. MRTN - 'Turn' - Top Billin - teaser
14. Beef Theatre - 'President Evil' (Andy's ILL remix) - OMGITM
15. F.O.O.L. - 'The Freak' (You Killing Me remix) - (promo)
16. Beatman & Ludmilla feat. MC Sirreal - 'Lizarb' (Hanuman Tribe remix) - teaser
17. Ronin 8 - 'Mo Fire'(Hanuman Tribe remix) - Diablo Loco
18. ZZT - 'Vulkan Alarm' (Proxy remix) - Turbo Recordings - teaser
19. Reprazent - 'Brown Paper Bag' (Lee Mortimer bootleg) - original on Taklin' Loud
20. Bawz - 'Higher' - Top Billin
21. Emeli Sande - 'Heaven' (Pyramid 140 Refix) - original on Virgin
22. Gato Preto - 'Tschukudu' (Tuskle remix) - Riot Riot Broken

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