Friday, 30 September 2011

Jay Cunning & MC 5ive 0 - Old Skool & Nu-Jungle

Jay Cunning recently laid down over 80 minutes of absolute monsters for Billy Bunters Kool FM Show. Split into two separate sets packed full of old school d'n'b, jungle, loads of nu-jungle bangers and MC 5ive 0 on the mic. This was Jay Cunning's first radio show since leaving Kiss back in 2009 and he definitely hasn't lost his touch!
Available fore free download.
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Thursday, 29 September 2011

DJ Quazar - Rock Dance! Vol.2

Here is DJ Quazer's second mix in the ongoing 'Rock Dance!' series.
As with volume one, this mix mashes well known rock, pop and dance into a 100% party starter style 35 minute mix.
If you missed volume one check it here.
Available fore free download.
DJ Quazar - Rock Dance! Vol.2 by Michel Quazar

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Jay-Z & Kanye West - Otis (A Skillz Remix)

If you woke up today hoping for a brand new A.Skillz booty banger and DJP mashup video to go with it, then today is your lucky day. As A.Skillz is giving away his latest remix of 'Jay-Z & Kanye West - Otis' giving it a phat ass ghettofunk bass-line and that all around funky A.Skillz feel.
To get your hands on this simply head over to his Facebook page and click the 'Like' button.
OTIS @A_SKILLZ Remix by A.Skillz

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

BadboE - KCC Live Exclusive 15Min Mix

BadboE put together a brand new 15 minute promo mini mix that aired live on Lawton Warren's show for KCC Live.
Composed completely of tracks from both Kool Hertz and BadboE's brand new EP's out now on the Breakbeat Paradise record label.
Available for free download.
BadboE KCC Live Exclusive 15Min Mix by LJWarren

All the tracks featured can be found and purchased over on Juno:
BadboE - One Of Those Days EP 12":
Kool Hertz - Whatta Joint EP 12":

Vato Gonzalez - Badman Riddim (Mooqee & Beatvandals Remix)

Bombstrikes are giving away a brand new track from the two head honchos themselves Mooqee & Beatvandals, a slamming remix of 'Vato Gonzalez - Badman Riddim' featuring none other than The Foreign Beggars.
This is a Big breaksy, ghettofunk fuelled banger from the Bombstrikes duo and better yet its free, so you have no reason not to treat yourself with this little gem.
Badman Riddim (Mooqee & Beatvandals Remix) - Vato Gonzalez by Bombstrikes

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Monday, 26 September 2011

Soul of Man - RIPEcast Podcast Mix

This week on Space Cowboys RIPEcast is none other than breakbeat legend Soul Of Man, who has put together a brand new 50 minute mix for everyone to download and enjoy.
Brimming full of some of the phattest breaks and electro bass around makes this like everything Soul Of Man produces a mix you don't want to miss out on.
Available for free download.
Soul of Man on The RIPEcast! by The Space Cowboys

Also if you haven't already be sure to subscribe to RIPEcast's weekly podcast.

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NAPT - MixMag & DSI Mix 2011

Are you ready for a brand new hour of n-funk goodness? Well you better be because the legendary bass heavy DJ duo Napt have unleashed their latest mix originally recorded exclusively for 'MixMag' and 'Don't Stay In'.
Overflowing with their very own tracks and remixes, featuring some of the sickest bass lines around!
Available for free download.
NAPT Exclusive MixMag & DSI Mix 2011 [Free download] by NAPT

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Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Asteroid's Galaxy Tour - Golden Age (Pimpsoul's Jam for Shamb Refunk)

Most people will already know 'The Asteroid's Galaxy Tour - Golden Age' from the UK Heineken advert but Pimpsoul has added his phat ass ghettofunk touch to it and made it into an absolute banger!
Better still he's giving it away absolutely free!
The Asteroid's Galaxy Tour - Golden Age (Pimpsoul's Jam for Shamb Refunk) by Pimpsoul

Also be sure to check out the video:

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Telephunken - Tru Funk Promo Mix

Telephunken have put together a 26 minute ghettofunk spectacular mix Tru:Funk's Promo Mix series. Crammed full of big booty ghettofunk bangers from some of the best ghettofunk Dj's around right now.
This one will only be available for a limited time so don't miss out and download it while you can!
Tru Funk promo mix by Telephunken! by Tru:Funk

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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Figure - Wonderwall (Figure Drumstep Edit)

Figure has done what most people wouldn't dare and put together a dubstep remix of 'Oasis - Wonderwall'.
If you're a die hard Oasis fan then you should look away now, if not then Figure has created one of the filthiest dubstep remixes I have had the pleasure of hearing in a while. I never thought I'd see the day the two came together but my god am I glad they have.
Available for free download.
Wonderwall (Figure Drumstep Edit) - Free DL by Figure

For more free downloads head on over to Figure's website.

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Black Noise - September 2011 Mix

Black Noise are sharing their latest mix for all to download and enjoy. This is a little different to what I normally post but I guarantee you its just as phat as everything else on 'Get An Earful Of This'.
More on the house side of things but with breaks, dubstep and electro influences. Don't sleep on this mix, if you're intro breaks and electro you without a doubt will love this.
Available for free download.
Black Noise DJ Mix - September 2011 by BlackNoise

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Friday, 23 September 2011

B-Side - Smash It Up Mix

B-Side has just released his latest mix 'Smash It Up' featuring a few tracks from his upcoming EP for the Ghettofunk blog.
Ghettofunk bangers, breaks and a dash of D'n'B and featuring huge DJ's like Featurecast, Stickybuds, and Drumsound & Bassline Smith make this a mix you wont want to miss out on, B-Side really knows what he's doing when it comes to funky beats.
Available for free download.
B-Side - Smash it up mix by Dj B-Side

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James D'ley - 20 Minutes For The Weekend 140 & Beyond

James D'ley has put together a new 20 minute mashup mix of 140bpm tracks.
Phat ass bass is plentyfull in this mix and will definitely tide you over until volume 7 of 'BBB'. Be sure to look out for Brighton Brighton Breaks & Blatent Bass volume 7 'All Killer No Filler' which should be out sometime next week.
Available for free download.
James D'ley - 20 minutes for the weekend - 140 & beyond by James D'ley

Tracklist after the jump.

DJ Frenzy - Summer 2011 Mix

Summer might be pretty much over, but that wont stop Frenzy from trying to keep that summer vibe alive with over an hour of kick ass breaks and dirty electro bangers in his latest mix.
I'd never heard of Frenzy until today and I cant believe its taken this long to find him, If you only listen to one mix today I would highly recommend this one.
Available for free download.
Frenzy - Summer 2011 mix by Dj Frenzy

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HeavyFeet - The Beats, Breaks & Bass Show 17.09.11

HeavyFeet are sharing last weeks The Beats, Breaks & Bass Show recorded for Unity radio Manchester over on Soundcloud. HeavyFeets show airs weekly every Saturday night from 11pm-1am. Featuring some of the best breaks and bass music around with a few unreleased tracks thrown in for good measure. This show is perfect for all the breaks heads out there.

The Beats, Breaks & Bass Show pres. by HeavyFeet - 17.09.11 by HeavyFeet

Tracklist after the jump.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Lazy Rich - Never Say Die Mix Vol.14

Last month saw the release of Volume 14 mixed by Lazy Rich in the ongoing Never Say Die Records mix series.
An hour of filthy electro and breaks, this is a huge mix packed full of tasty tracks.
Available for free download.
Never Say Die Mix Vol.14 - mixed by Lazy Rich by NeverSayDieRecords

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

DC Breaks - TripleJ Mix July 2011

While on their tour in Australia and New Zealand, DC Breaks had the chance to record a mix for Australian radio show Triple J. Which they have kindly shared for all to download on Soundcloud.
An hour of pure drum and bass at its finest, this is a no holds barred mix packed pull of adrenaline pumping bass!
DC Breaks - TripleJ Mix July 2011 by DC Breaks (UK)

Tracklist after the jump.

Evol Intent - We Like You Too

Evol Intent recently hit 10,000 followers on Facebook and as a thank you they are giving away a brand new mix 'We Like You Too'.
This mix was made with true D'n'B heads in mind, over an hour of extremely heavy hitting dubstep and drum and bass, including quite a few of their own unreleased tracks.
Evol Intent - We Like You Too [FREE MIX DOWNLOAD] by Evol Intent

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2 Bit Thugs - Half Hour Hype Mix 003

The 2 Bit Thugs have just released volume 3 of their on-going ‘Half Hour Hype’ mix series. Volume 3 just like the previous two is an insanely phat mix, covering a massive range of genres including hip-hop, breaks, dubstep and D’n’B, all mixed live on four decks and two mixers!
Available for free download.
2 Bit Thugs - Half Hour Hype Mix 003 by 2 Bit Thugs

Be sure to check out part one over on Souncloud and part two here.

Tracklist after the jump.

TMS - July Mix 2011 (Plus Free Track)

TMS have put together an absolute monster of a mix and better yet they are giving it away as a free download.
46 minutes of extremely dirty dubstep and D'n'B tracks, plus some out of this world D'n'B-step mashups.
This mix is pure filth just the way D'n'B and dubstep should be, don't miss out!
TMS DJ MIX - July 2011 by TMSLDN

Also dont miss out on this kick ass remix of 'The Streets - Going Through Hell'.
The Streets - Going Through Hell (Dot Rotten Vs TMS Remix) by TMSLDN

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

PYRAMID - 140 Mix Vol 1

Pyramid go hard in their latest mix '140 Mix Vol 1' which features many unreleased tracks from the likes of Rennie Pilgrem, Aquasky, The Freestylers and Subscape.
This mix is based heavily around the new style of 140bpm breaks also known as 'nu-jungle' with influences from dubstep, breaks and D'n'B. Don't sleep on this mix, you will hate yourself if you do.
Available for free download.
PYRAMID - 140 Mix Vol 1 [Free Download] by PYRAMID

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DJ Deekline - Water Park Mix August 2011

Last Month DJ Deeklie released his summer 'Water Park' mix. Packed full of some of his sickest trade mark booty bangers and huge breaks tracks. Like all Deekline mixes this is huge and definitely not one to be missed!
Available for free download!
Deekline Water Park Mix August 2011 (FREE DOWNLOAD) by DJ Deekline

Tony Anthem & Axl Ender - Time Promo Mix

To help hype their upcoming release 'Time' on Rat Records (26/09/2011) Tony Anthem & Axl Ender have put together this tasty little promo mix of all the tracks and remixes featured.
This mix is overflowing with booty bass and dubstep beats that are topped off with vocals from the legendary MC Skibadee and Lady Chann, So don't miss out on this sneak peek!
Available for free download.
Tony Anthem & Axl Ender - Time - The DJ Promo Mix (Free Download) by DJ Deekline

Tracklist after the jump.

Cubit - Funkatech Records 50th Release Mix

As Funkatech Records have just released their 50th record on the label they are giving away a free mix packed full of unreleased and exclusive bangers from the Funkatech camp.
With massive dirty bass tracks from the likes of Pyramid, Far Too Loud and Speciman A all mixed together by DJ Cubit. If you love dirty loud bass and breaks then you wont want to miss out on this.
Available for free download.
Funkatech Records - 50th Release Mix by Cubit [Free Download] by Funkatech Records

Also be sure to checout and buy their celebratory 50th Release from Far Too Loud.
[FTECH050] Far Too Loud - Ready To Stomp EP by Far Too Loud

Tracklist after the jump.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Ewan Hoozami - Live @ The Big Chill Bar Mix

Here's the mix that Ewan Hoozami recorded live at Big Chill Bar Bristol for a chance to win a set at this years Bestival.
This really is an outstanding mix, that went on to win the round for him, packed full of ghettofunk, nu-funk, some phat ass hip-hop and all topped off with Ewans killer scratching.
Don't sleep on this one.

Tracklist after the jump.

Kid Digital - 720Bass Podcast Mix

To help promote his latest single 'Done With That / Where Are You' Kid Digital has recorded a mix for 720bass's latest podcast.
34 minutes of heavy hitting breaks and drum 'n' bass from some of the biggest names around.
Available for free download.
(Mix) Kid Digital - 720Bass Podcast (Free Download) by 720Bass

Tracklist after the jump.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

AfroWhitey - Mixtape Volume 2

AfroWhitey have yet again created another masterpiece dubstep mix. An hour of some of their phattest originals and vocal drops. You'd be crazy to miss out on this one!
Be sure to check out volume 1 here.
Available for free download.
AfroWhitey - Mixtape Vol 2 by AfroWhitey

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Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Dubs Of Hazard - God's humanity + From Love To Hate In 18 Lessons

The Dubs Of Hazard has just released his latest mix 'God's humanity'. Just under an hour of some of the sickest, dirty dubstep beats around and to top it all off he is giving it away for free!
The dubs of hazard - God's humanity by The dubs of hazard

Plus if that wasn't enough here is The Dubs Of Hazard first mix 'From Love To Hate In 18 Lessons' another heavy hitting hour of dubstep bangers!
The dubs of hazard - from love to hate in 18 lessons by The dubs of hazard

Tracklists for both after the jump.

Hexadecimal - 88.6FM Radioactive Podcast w/ Krafty Kuts Guest Mix

Hexadecimal played his first two hour, fortnightly 'Reckless' show on Radioactive FM which features a very special guest mix from Krafty Kuts.
This is definitely a show you will want to keep on looking out for as it features some phat breaks, electro and dubstep tracks.
Available for free download.
Hexadecimal-LIVE-RECKESS-17-09 by Scotthexadecimal

Friday, 16 September 2011

F2U - Birdstep (Angry Birds Theme Remix)

If you have ever played the game 'Angry Birds' and sat there wishing someone would make a dubstep remix of the soundtrack, then today is your lucky day. Because F2U has done just that, they have turned the soundtrack of a light hearted game about birds and pigs into a subwoofer destroying monster of a dubstep track!
To download this head on over to F2U's Soundcloud page.
F2U - Birdstep (Angry Birds Theme Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD! by F2U

Gemini - Data Transmission Podcast 183

Gemini has created a 60 minute mix for the latest episode of the Data Transmission podcast. Gemini is currently taking the dubstep scene by force and is definitely a name to look out for.
He's put together an absolutley filthy mix for this months Podcast, so don't miss out.
Head on over to the Data Transmission website to download this and all of their other podcasts.

Tracklist after the jump.

Stylust Beats - Two Free Downloads

Here we have two brand new tracks from dubstep mashup giant Stylust Beats.
First up an original track with Emotionz on vocals and Stylust Beats providing a sick D'n'B bass line. Then as a little bonus one of his outstanding thugstep style mashups.
Both are available for free download.


Cutloose - Four Free Downloads

Cutloose has been a very busy man putting his glitch-hop touch on some huge hip-hop and pop tracks.
Taking on hip-hop legends Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Busta Rhymes and new pop singer songwriter Kimbra.
Just getting one of these tracks as a free download would be great but lucky for us, Cutloose is giving them all away.
Latest by cutloose

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Lebrosk - The Funk Sessions on Ramp FM September 2011 /w Some DJ

I may have only just posted the last Funk Sessions show last night but its that time of month again for some of the latest and greatest beats. This will mark Lebrosk's first show for the brand new Ramp Show blog and what better way to start it off than with just under three hours of phat beats and an outstanding guest mix from 'Some DJ'.
Available for free download.
The 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM - September 2011 (Guestmix by Some DJ) by Lebrosk

You can also download Some DJ's mix separately here.
Tracklist after the jump.

Some DJ - September 2011 Mix (Plus Free Rerub)

Some DJ has uploaded a brand new 70 minute mix. Crammed full of huge breaks, ghettofunk bangers and a little sprinkle of dirty dubstep mixed in to top it all off.
You can also catch this mix on Lebrosk's latest Funk Sessions.
Available for free download.
Some DJ Mix September 2011 by Some DJ

Some DJ has taken Flux Pavilion's huge track 'Got 2 Know' slowed it down and ghetto-funkified that sick dubstep bassline. This is a phat ass track that you don't want to miss out on.

Got 2 Know - Some DJ rerub ----FREE DOWNLOAD by Some DJ

Tracklist for the mix after the jump.

3-Parts DJ vs Melc Live - Waveform Festival 2011

Here we have a two for one from the Waveform Festival as 3-Parts DJ and Melc are kindly sharing both of their sets from the event.
Between the two of them they cover almost every phat style of breaks and bass around. PsyBreaks, 140 Jungle, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and more!
Available for free download.
3-Parts DJ vs Melc Live @ Waveform Festival 2011 by 3partsdj

Tracklist after the jump.

Stylust Beats - Burning Man 2011

Sylust Beats shares one of his sets from the recent Burning Man festival. Throwing down a whole array of thugstep, dubstep and breaks.
This is an hour of phat and dirty beats you just cant miss out on!
Available for free download.
STYLUST BEATS BURNINGMAN SET 2011!!****Free Dowload*** by Stylust Beats

DJP - Two Free Downloads

DJP is giving away two of his refix tracks from 2008.
Adding a slight touch of funk to both Dizzee Rascal's 'Fix Up Look Sharp' and Kanye's, KRS-One's and Nas's verses from 'Classic'.
To get your hands on these and other exclusive free downloads, simply head on over to his Facebook page and click the 'Like' button.
Dizzee Rascal - Fix Up, Look Sharp (DJP's Want You Back Refix)

Kanye West, Nas & KRS One - Classic (Better Than I've Ever Been) (DJP's Turn it Up Refix)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lebrosk -The Funk Sessions on Ramp FM August 2011 /w Funkmoguls & Paddy

Lebrosk with his last ever Ramp FM Funk Sessions show but thankfully this wont be the last ever Funk Sessions show as Lebrosk will be carrying on, on the brand new Ramp Shows blog.
This month Lebrosk has two special guest mixes 'The Funkmoguls' who I have featured here many times before and a new Dj for me 'Paddy'.
As usual this is one of the best radio shows around and not one to be missed. Available for free download.
The 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM - August 2011 (Guestmixes by The Funkmoguls & Paddy) by Lebrosk

Tracklist after the jump.

Breakbeat Channel Podcast - Rel1 + Lethalness Guest Mixes

Gira hosts the Russian breakbeat podcast 'Breakbeat Channel Podcast' which features a lot of great mixes from Dj's all around the world.
This month she had two guest mixes from Rel1 and Lethalness both heavy hitting and full of all things darkside from the breaks genre.
If you like your breaks more on the heavier side then you will love this months show.
Available for free download.

Previous months podcasts can be found over on Mixcloud.

Tracklist after the jump.

Mochipet - Control Freq Radio Mix

Mochipet recently recorded a brand new 50 minute mix for Control Freq Radio.
Every single minute of this mix is full of dirty dubstep bangers topped off with some of that glitchy bass goodness.
Available for free download.
Mochipet - Mix for Control Freq Radio (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Mochipet

A.Skillz - Seven Free Mixes

The king of funky breaks, A.Skillz has recently collected together seven of his very own mixes he's released over the years and added them all to one very handy set on Soundcloud.
So if you missed one of these or just want to listen to them again (and why wouldn't you) nows your chance.
All seven are available for free download.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Telephunken - Funk & Dirty Bass Radio Show W/ Pulpfusion Guest Mix

With the new look Ramp FM website and the loss of live streaming comes a new style of Telephunken show, from now on it will be two hours of pure music and no talking.
This months show comes complete with a special guest mix from head of Pig Balls records, Pulpfusion.
Available for free download.

Tracklist after the jump.

Stickybuds - Fractal Forest Mix 2011

Stickybuds played Shambala for his 7th year this year and is sharing the whole 90 minute set with everyone to download and enjoy.
Full of 100% phat glitch-hop, D'n'B, funky breaks and everything in-between.
Also be sure to head on over to Stickybuds website for even more exclusive free downloads.
Stickybuds - Fractal Forest Mix - Shambhala 2011 by Stickybuds~

Tracklist after the jump.

Monday, 12 September 2011

James D'ley - Two New Mixes

Here we have two brand new mixes from James D'ley. That's 90 minutes of phat ass breaks, electro and dubstep bangers. If youve heard any of James D'ley's other mixes you know it would be silly to miss out on these.
Brighton Breaks & Blatent Bass will be available for download once it hits 1000 plays and Live on Brap FM is available for free right now.
James Dley Live on Brap FM16.08.11 - FREE Download by James D'ley

James D'ley - Brighton Breaks & Blatent Bass VOL 6 PT 1 (128kbps version) by James D'ley

Tracklists for both mixes after the jump.

Slynk - Shambhala Fractal Forest 2011

Here's 90 minutes of Slynk's recent set from this years Shambhala Festival.
It's been a while since I heard a mix heavily based around nu-funk, breaks and scratching but Slynk has made me realise there is still hope for a come back yet!
Available for free download.
Slynk - Shambhala Fractal Forest LIVE 2011 by Slynk

Tracklist after the jump.

Barila Funk - Pastalicious

Barila Funk has served up his latest pasta dish 'Pastalicious' which comes in the form of a 50 minute mix.
Featuring some some phat hip hop vocals and packed full of those summery funky breaks.
Available for free download.
Pastalicious - Promo Mix by Barila Funk

Tracklist after the jump.

Bobby C Sound TV - Live AV Mix Parts 1 + 2

Bobby C Sound TV recorded one of his audio visual Dj shows last month and is uploading and sharing the whole thing on Souncloud and Vimeo in hour long segments. We wont just be getting the audio either Bobby C has even uploaded the video side of his set too!
So sit back and enjoy the first two hours of phat beats, live mashups and outstanding VJ skills.
Available for free download. Part 3 should hopefully be coming soon.
BOBBY C Live AV mix pt. 1 by Bobby C Sound TV

Bobby C Live AV mix pt. 2 (Video in descrip.) by Bobby C Sound TV

Also here is the full video for part two:

Bobby C Sound TV-AV DJ Set pt. 2 from Bobby C Sound TV on Vimeo.

Dave Remix - Gloss FM Mini Mix

Dave Remix recently had the pleasure of making a 5 minute mini mix for Gloss FM and has shared it for all to download and enjoy on Soundcloud.
In just 5 minutes Dave Remix packs in loads of sick beats and mashes them with some old school classic hip-hop and rock. As usual with all of Dave Remix's Mashup's don't miss out on this one!
Dave Remix - Gloss FM Mini Mix by Dave Remix

Tracklist after the jump.

Basement Freaks - Summer Mix 2011

As a little treat and to keep that summer festival vibe alive, Basement Freaks have put together a tasty 40 minute mix for all to enjoy.
This features a little bit of everything, funky breaks, ghettofunk wobble and some nice and dirty dubstep to finish of with.
Available for free download.
Basement Freaks Summer Mix by Basement Freaks

Tracklist after the jump.