Monday, 26 September 2011

NAPT - MixMag & DSI Mix 2011

Are you ready for a brand new hour of n-funk goodness? Well you better be because the legendary bass heavy DJ duo Napt have unleashed their latest mix originally recorded exclusively for 'MixMag' and 'Don't Stay In'.
Overflowing with their very own tracks and remixes, featuring some of the sickest bass lines around!
Available for free download.
NAPT Exclusive MixMag & DSI Mix 2011 [Free download] by NAPT

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Tracklist after the jump.

1. NAPT "Bass" (Red Sugar Records)
2. NAPT & Peo De Pitte "Gonna Be Mine"
3. Foamo "Celestial" (Fat! Records)
4. NAPT "Emotion" (Red Sugar Records)
5. NAPT "Emotion", Reset! remix (Red Sugar Records)
6. Cee Lo Green "F*** You", NAPT remix (Contraband)
7. Big Boi "Shutterbug", Jack Beats remix (Def Jam)
8. Brookes Brothers ft Robert Owens "Beautiful", NAPT remix (BBK)
9. Daft Punk "Too Long", NAPT remix (Contraband)
10. Tensnake "Something About You" (Mirau)
11. NAPT "Belief" (Red Sugar Records)
12. Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon "Together", NAPT remix (Contraband)
13. DJ DLG "Paramount", Roger Seventy Two remix (Huge Music)
14. NAPT "Dateline" (Contraband)
15. Bart B More Ft Drop The Lime "Bass" (Trouble And Bass)
16. NAPT "We Promise You" (Red Sugar Records)
17. NAPT "Lock The P" (Red Sugar Records)
18. NAPT "Fish In The Percolator" (Red Sugar Records)
19. Azari and III "Manic" (Loose Lips)
20. NAPT & Lucian X "Boca A Boca" (Red Sugar Records)
21. Lucian X & NAPT "Blow Your Mind" (Red Sugar Records)
22. Fire Flowerz "I Need Your LV" (Cheap Thrills)
23. NAPT & Lucian X "Perfect Day" (Red Sugar Records)
24. NAPT & Lucian X "Perfect Day", B.Rich remix (Red Sugar Records)

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