Monday, 12 September 2011

Bobby C Sound TV - Live AV Mix Parts 1 + 2

Bobby C Sound TV recorded one of his audio visual Dj shows last month and is uploading and sharing the whole thing on Souncloud and Vimeo in hour long segments. We wont just be getting the audio either Bobby C has even uploaded the video side of his set too!
So sit back and enjoy the first two hours of phat beats, live mashups and outstanding VJ skills.
Available for free download. Part 3 should hopefully be coming soon.
BOBBY C Live AV mix pt. 1 by Bobby C Sound TV

Bobby C Live AV mix pt. 2 (Video in descrip.) by Bobby C Sound TV

Also here is the full video for part two:

Bobby C Sound TV-AV DJ Set pt. 2 from Bobby C Sound TV on Vimeo.

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