Friday, 15 July 2011

Linton Brown - Balls Deep (Preview)

I'd never heard of Linton Brown until today, I stumbled upon this track completely by chance and my god am I glad I did. It has the whole package phat ass bass, brilliant vocals and a harmonica, you honestly cant ask for much more.
Hopefully it will be out in the next few weeks but until then this preview will just have to tide you over.
Be sure to check out his other tracks over on his Soundcloud page.
Balls Deep by Linton Brown

Hit him up on:

Ray! - Good Thymes (Opiuo Remixx) Free Download

Some of you may remember this glitchy ghettofunk banger from the Opiuo mix I posted not long ago. If you don't you either missed out on an insanely phat mix or clearly didn't pay enough attention!
But now its yours to own by clicking 'Get it Now' below and you will have this little beauty waiting to greet you in your emails.
Ray! - Good Thymes (Opiuo Remixx) - FREE DOWNLOAD @ by Opiuo


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Napt - Knowledge Mag Mix 2011

Just 2 months after their last mix, Napt are back with another speaker destroying, sub woofer thumping hour of bass recorded for Knowledge Mag.
Featuring previews to NAPT and Lucian X's Bass EP supported by Skream, AC Slater, Jaguar Skills, Stanton Warriors, Kissy Sell Out, Ill.Gates, Will Bailey, Beataucue, Plump DJ's, Larry Tee, Birdee and many more.
Available for free download.
NAPT - Knowledge Mag Mix 2011 by NAPT

You can pre-order Napt's latest EP here
Tracklist after the jump.

Skrillex - Disco Rangers (REL1 RE-LICK)

Skrillex is absolutely killing the dubstep scene right now and Rel1 has added his magic touch to 'Skrillex - Disco Rangers' and done what I thought was impossible by making one of Skrillex's tracks even filthier.
If you arent ready to submit to that dirty dubstep sound then Rel1 has your back with this straight up, down right dirty electro breaks remix of an already filthy dubstep track.
Available for free download.
Skrillex - Disco Rangers (REL1 RE-LICK) by REL1

Plump DJs vs Daft Punk vs Dyson vs Breakdown

The Plump DJs have released their first free download in almost a year and in just under 10 days its already had over 9000 plays and 1600 downloads.
So if you haven't already its about time you help yourself to some Plump DJ style dirty electro bass!
Available for free download.
Plump DJs vs Daft Punk vs Dyson vs Breakdown by Plump Djs

Busta Rhymes, Weezy & Hudson Mohawke - Look At Hudson Mohawke Now (Skratch Bastid's Thunder Bay Blend)

Here's another tasty little Busta Rhymes mash-up this time from scratch turntablist extraordinaire Skratch Bastid.
Huge heavy hitting beats and some phat vocals blended, mixed and mashed to create this fine ass beauty of a track.
Available for free download.
Busta Rhymes, Weezy & Hudson Mohawke - Look At Hudson Mohawke Now (Skratch Bastid's Thunder Bay Blend) by Skratch Bastid

Chicago (Lebrosk mashup) - Quincy Jointz vs Busta Rhymes

Woo-haa! Lebrosk got you all in check with his latest glitch mashup monster!
Taking 'Quincy Jointz - Chicago (Audio InFunktion remix)' and Woo Haa by Busta Rhymes and mashing them together with extraordinary phat glitchy results. Dont miss out on this banger!
Available for free download.
Chicago (Lebrosk mashup) - Quincy Jointz vs Busta Rhymes by Lebrosk

Andy McAllister - Disruptive Beats Promo Mix

To promote the release of the new Disruptive Beats compilation, Ground Level Records head honcho Andy McAllister has put together an hour phat beats composed fully of tracks, remixes and edits by Ground Level artists.
Available for free download.
Disruptive Beats Promo Mix by groundlevel

Tracklist after the jump.

Lack of Updates

Sorry guys and girls I've been A little bit slack on the updates these past two weeks, I promise I'll start updating regularly again tonight!
So prepare your ears for an onslaught of phat beats!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Top Posts In June

Well I'm a little bit late doing this, this month but hopefully the selection ive picked will make up for that.

Rory Hoy - Big Beat Reunion
I'm a big fan of the music Rory Hoy puts together and not one second of this mix disappointed me, just big tune after big tune!

Mashup-Germany - Ante Up To The Other Side
I don't think there's many people that come close to matching Ben Stiller's skills at mashing an absurd amount of tracks together and keeping it phat and funky. I was pretty much speechless after hearing this one.

K+Lab - Hiphop With a Drop On Top
K+Lab absolutely kills it in this mix for Skanky Panky, this is the exact reason I love glitch-hop. If you missed this one when I posted it here's your chance for redemption.

Bombs Away - ITS A FKN PARTY!
I'm ashamed to say I'd never really heard of Bombs Away until I heard this mix but I'm god damn I'm glad I know about them now! They produce some of the sickest electro tracks around.

Opiuo - The Any Sound Mini Mix
Wow, just wow. This one was an instant hit with me featuring all that phat glitch and ghettofunk wobble. There's not a bad word that can be said about this mix at all.

Featurecast - It's Showtime!
Featurecast has been a favourite Dj of mine for a long time now and I look forward to each and every mix he produces. In just 30 minutes he features some sick ghettofunk, drum 'n' bass and funky breaks.

William Breakspear - Skanky Panky Promo Mix
If it wasn't for William Breakspear and Skanky Panky records I don't think I'd be listening to any glitch-hop right now and this mix features more glitchy bass than you can shake a stick at.

Don't agree or just want to have your say then hit up the comments with your top posts of the month. All of the posts from June can be found here.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

DJ Shadow - Walkie Talkie (SPR All-Stars Remix)

As a little bonus and to get everyone hyped for their latest E.P 'Skanky Panky Volume 3' Skanky Panky records are giving away yet another freebie!
This track was previously only available to a select few but now everyone gets to enjoy their work of art glitchy remix of DJ Shadow's classic 'Walkie Talkie'.
SPRG001 - DJ Shadow - Walkie Talkie (SPR All-Stars Remix) by Skanky Panky Records

Full preview of Skanky Panky Volume 3:
SPRR004 - Skanky Panky Volume 3 - OUT NOW! by Skanky Panky Records

Click here to purchase this release.

Benji Boko - Live @ Glastonbury Festival 2011

This mix from Beji Boko took me by surprise being 100% totally improvised for his set at Glastonbury and full of some of the sickest samples, edits and mashups. This will be the phattest hour of music you will hear for some time.
For more info about Benji Boko check out his website.
Available for free download.

Dustin Hulton - Static System Podcast Episode 032

Static System music's latest episode in their podcast series is out and Dustin Hulton takes the reigns with a phat 50 minute mix.
This is a booty breaks and dirty electro massacre, featuring a lot of his own remixes, dont miss out on this one. Subscribe to the podcast here
Available for free download.
Static System Podcast Episode 032 > Dustin Hulton by Dustin Hulton

Tracklist after the jump.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Kelly Watch The Stars (Nick Thayer Bootleg)

There is no better way to start a new month than with a brand new Nick Thayer ghettofunk bootleg of 'Air - Kelly Watch The Stars'.
Thayer gives this already extremely popular track a bit of an uplift with some of that sick ghettofunk wobble with a very phat outcome.
Available for free download.
Kelly Watch The Stars (Nick Thayer Bootleg) - Air // FREE DOWNLOAD by Nick Thayer