Saturday, 7 January 2012

Bobby C Sound TV - RIPEcast Mix

Bobby C Sound TV has put together over an hour of mash-up goodness for this weeks RIPEcast podcast.
77 minutes of electro, breaks, ghettofunk and hip-hop all mashed into this phat ass mix that all bass lovers will enjoy.
Available for free download.
Bobby C Sound TV on The RIPEcast! by The Space Cowboys

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Tracklist after the jump.

1. The Champs-Tequila
2. Bobby C Sound TV-Pee Wee's Tequila
3. The Lonely Island-3 Way The Golden Rule (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
4. Panacea-The Scenic Route
5. The Galaxy Asteroids Tour-The Golden Age (La Felix remix-Bobby C Sound TV edit)
6. Jurassic 5-What's Golden acapella
7. Fiord-Keen String (Opiuo Formula One remix)
8. Yoshinora Sunihara-Clipper's Discoteque Break
9. John Lee Hooker-Boom Boom (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
10. Deee-Lite -Deee-Lite Theme
11. Shimmy Shimmy Ya-Ol Dirty Bastard
12. Good Times Bad Times-Led Zeppelin
13. Good Times Bad Times-The Lovejoys
14. The O'Jay's-For The Love Of Money
15. A Tribe Called Quest-Award Tour
16. A Tribe Called Quest-Can I Kick It
17. Capleton and Q-Tip-Original Man
18. KRS 1-The Sound Of The Police
19. Mr. Benn-Police (The Magic Fly 7" remix)
20. See-I -The King
21. Panjabi MC-Bhangra (Snoop Dogg Punjabi remix)
22. Kaka Bhainiavaala-Sanehvaal Chounk
23. Saqi-Sir Dukh Da
24. The Specials-A Message To You
25. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5-The Message
26. Ice Cube-Check Yo Self
27. Bobby C Sound TV-Ready Steady
28. Bobby C Sound TV-Sundae Sound
29. M.I.A.-Galang
30. Panjabi MC-Jogi
31. Bomba Estereo-Fuego (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
32. Opiuo-Robo Booty
33. Ray Charles-Good Thymes (Opiuo remixx)
34. Ray Charles-What'd I Say (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
35. Public Enemy-Shut Em Down (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
36. Radiohead-The National Anthem (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
37. People Under The Stairs-Trippin At The Disco
38. Mekon ft. Schooly D-School's Out
39. Giant Panda-Precise Calculator
40. Epmd-Crossover
41. The Bar-Kays-Holy Ghost
42. A Skillz-Strawberry Jam
43. Fatboy Slim-Gangsta Trippin
44. Ann Robinson-You Did It
45. Bobby C Sound TV-Soul Food Fight
46. Dum Dum Project-Punjabi 5-0
47. Bobby C Sound TV Good Morning Rythm Hit
48. Deltron 3030-Positive Contact (Charlie Clouser remix)
49. Neighbour-Get With This (Opiuo remix)
50. Air-Kelly Watch The Stars (Nick Thayer bootleg)
51. Marlena Shaw-California Soul (A Skillz remix)
52. The Rapture- No Sex For Ben (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
53. Bobby C Sound TV-Tap & Twist
54. Bobby C Sound TV-No Waiting
55. Bobby C Sound TV-Shuffle On
56. A Skillz-Otis
57. De La Soul-Ring Ring Ring (Bobby C Sound TV edit)
58. Tommy Sparks-She's Got Me Dancing
59. Moon Boots-Gopher It (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
60. Trouble Funk-Pump Me Up (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
61. De La Soul-Say No Go (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
62. The Police-Voices Inside My Head (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
63. Eumig and Chimon-This Fang
64. Gabriell-Giovanotty
65. Irish Steph-Junky Maggie (Bobby C Sound TV a.v. edit)

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