Monday, 12 December 2011

VovKING - Stimulator Promo Mix

To help promote his latest track 'Stimulator' on Splitloop's record label 'Toast Recordings', VovKing is giving away a heavy hitting 30 minute mix.
This mix isn't for the faint hearted and is full of some of the filthiest electro breaks around. So sit back and turn up the bass while you rock out to this monstrous mix!
Available for free download.
VovKING - Stimulator Promo Mix by Splitloop

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Click here to purchase 'Stimulator' over on Beatport.

Tracklist after the jump.

00. Intro
01. Splitloop & Adsorb - Chill Pill [Toastclub]
Eminem - Lose Your Self (acapella)
Vandalism - She Got It (acapella)
02. Kwerk - Dont Stop (VovKING Remix) [CDR]
Tonka - Get Back (acapella)
03. Cyberpunkers - Fuck The System (Access Denied Remix) [Freakz Me Out]
04. VovKING - Stimulator (Splitloop Remix) [Toastclub]
05. Lucky Date - Ho's & Disco's (Space Laces Remix) [Big Fish]
Martin Solveig - Poptimistic (acapella)
06. Skrillex - Rock'n'roll [mau5trap]
07. The Gulf Gate Project - Beeze (ELectric Soulside Remix) [Toast & Jam]
08. Micky Slim & Virus Syndicate - Skank Out (VovKING Re-Dub) [CDR]
09. Cool Project & BBK - Bring It Up (Access Denied Remix) [Royal One]
10. VovKING - Stimulator [Toastclub]
11. Far Too Loud - Megaloud [Bazooka]
Joachim Garraud - Sound Of Disco (acapella)
12. Devin Martin - Diablo [Play Me Too]
13. Tapolsky & VovKING - Skype [CDR]
14. Outro

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