Thursday, 15 December 2011

Rebel Sketchy - Acid Drops (Plus Free Downloads)

Rebel Sketchy returns with his 3rd release on Ground Level with the warehouse rave grooves of Acid Drops.
The original mix starts with some awesome drum patterns building into a hypnotic rising chord sequence before the acid drops, and it drops nicely! Leuce Rhythms take things down a more breakbeat route with a driving roller based around the 303 hook from the original. Label founder Andy McAllister gets nasty with a rising sawtooth bassline and rave stabs while referencing the original throughout.
Rebel Sketchy - Acid Drops by groundlevel

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Plus to help promore the release, Rebel Sketchy is giving away a free 30 minute mix and a copy of his breaks remix of old school hardcore track 'Six Days".

DJ Promo Mix for Acid Drops (Released 9/12/11) by rebelsketchy

Six Days (Breaks Remix) by rebelsketchy

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