Sunday, 4 December 2011

3-Parts DJ - Big Belly Bass Volume 04 Who Got Psy In My Breaks?

3-Parts DJ is back with volume 4 of his ongoing Big Belly Bass mix series with 'Who Got Psy In My Breaks?'.
An hour of heavy hitting, adrenaline pumping bass, with a mixture of sick psybreaks and that phat new 140 jungle breaks sound making this one mix you don't want to miss out on.
Available for free download.
Big Belly Bass: Volume 04 [Who Got Psy In My Breaks? Edition] by 3partsdj

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Tracklist after the jump.

Chemognosis - Braindrop
>> Odissi - Dirty Secrets (Hedflux Remix)
Choc St Clair - Blast Off
>> Colombo - Methane
48K - Barb Wire (Bad Tango Remix)
Elite Force - No Turning Back (Hedflux Remix)
>> LuQas - Dark Matter
LuQas - Altered States
Peak - Quantum Leap
Bad Tango - Cortex
>> Bad Tango - Cortex (Monk3yLogic Remix)
Under This - Euphoria
Colombo - Ska Punch
Colombo - Nugatory
Backdraft - Falling (Left/Right & Digital Pizza Remix)
Ways & Means - Spellbound
H0ffman & SaVannaH - Fraction (601 Remix)
>> Unique3 - Rocks The Bass (RunRIOT Remix)
H0ffman & SaVannaH - Fraction (Original Mix)
Freestylers - Over You (Original Mix)
>> Freestylers - Over You (601 Remix)
Lunar Shift - Eximo (Precision Cuts Remix)
>> Colombo - Invoked The Future
Rektchordz - Clowns

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