Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hexadecimal - Reckless Ft. Funk n' Slocuts

Here is the latest Reckless show with Hexadecimal and this month he has a phat ass guest mix from Funk n' Slocuts.
Just over two hours crammed full of electro, breaks and drum and bass. This is one seriously filthy show that all bass heads alike will love and enjoy.
Available for free download.

You can stream the RECKLESS LIVE Fridays 11-1am NZDT / 10-12pm GMT via from anywhere across the world!

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Tracklist after the jump.

Hexadecimal DJ Mix 1 – Electro / Breaks

01 Jayou – Ghost (Run Riot Remix)
02 Chemical Brothers – Swoom Anthem Miles Dyson - Elite Force
03 Sasha Khan – Global Meltdown (Original Mix)
04 Bit Twisted – C’mon (House Engineers Remix)
05 Hexadecimal – Grow / Change (Original Mix)
06 DJ Mujava - Mugwanti (Rehab Remix)
07 Bart B More - Brap (Original Mix)
08 Raw 2 Da Floor (Original Mix)
09 Mister Ouzo (Disco Fries Remix)
10 Thomas Bangalter - Mord Fustang – Elite Force – Lick The Scratch
11 Do it in The AM (Lucky Date & Eli Smith Remix)
12 The Damn Bells Doors – Ability (Original Mix)
13 Knife Party – Tourniquet (Original Mix)
14 Torqux - Burning Up (Twist Vs Elite Force Mix)
15 Access Denied – Red (Original Mix)
16 Resurection (Beatman & Ludmilla Remix)

Funk N’ SloCuts Guest Mix

17 – 25 – Sorry mix track listing not available

Hexadecimal DJ Mix 2 – Drum & Bass

26 Jazz Steppaz - Wipe Out (Original Mix)
27 Drumattic Twins – Meeting Point (Utah Saints Remix)
28 Soul Intent – Send The Word (Original Mix)
29 Bombs Away - Super Soaker (Smile On Impact Mix)
30 Sara Cruz – Every Song (Crystal Clear Remix)
31 L.A.O.S – Warrin (Original Mix)
32 Minuit – Aotearoa (Hexadecimal Remix)
33 Flight of the Conchords – Too Many Dicks (Hexadecimal Mix)

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