Friday, 22 April 2011

Tosses & Varvez - Beat & Scratch vol.2

Tosses & Varvez have released volume two in their Beat & Scratch series for Thirty Thirsty. As with volume 1 this is a very funky 30 minute mix full of nu-funk and funky breaks bangers. Be sure to check out volume 1 here.
Available for free download.
Beat 'N Scratch vol.2 by Thirty Thirsty

Tracklist after the jump

Turntable On (Original Version) - Tosses&Varvez feat Mr Wilkinson [2011]
Rainbow Cemetery (Funkanomics Remix) - Ram Skank [2011]
Flip Disco (B-Dubs Funky Fuzz Bass Remix) - Mr Bird [2011]
Dynamite (feat Sebastian & DJ Git Hyper) – Kraak & Smaak’s Boogie Funk version [2011]
I’m Hot – Itchy Bastards [2011]
Skanky Bitch (Funkanomics Remix) - Johnny Pluse [2011]
Whoomps Clubs (Tag Team VS His Majesty Andre) – Rory Hoy [2011]
Disco is Back – Neighbour [2010]
Get Down Boogie (Funkanomics remix) - Basement Freaks [2011]
Supacat Police – Mooqee [2011]

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