Friday, 1 April 2011

Top Posts From March

OK so compared to last month, this month's post is pretty long. But with over 70 posts to choose from and pretty much all of them being outstanding it made it a little harder to choose.
But after a lot of thought here's what I came up with:

Shy FX - Raver (DJ Wood Reboot)
Any one that turns an already huge jungle track into an absolute monster of a ghettofunk remix is good in my books, there was no way this wasn't going in this months post. Now lets just hope for the download!

Vico Ono
This is more of a top artist post as I couldn't choose between the two tracks posted as both mash-ups were outstanding. In a way you could say I cheated but once you hear the tracks you will understand why.

A.Skillz - Beats Working Vol.1
Like last month with Stereo:type I'm biased when it comes to A.Skillz. I'm yet to hear a track or mix from this guy I don't like and this showcase mix of his latest work is no different.

Cutloose - Boom Town Glitch Hop
Since starting the blog I have found a lot of great new DJ's and Cutloose is one of them. This is the best glitch-hop mix I've heard in 2011 so far and with how phat this is, its going to take a lot to beat.

8*B1T - 2011 SXSW/Spring Promo Mix
8*Bit shows what breaks are all about with this 50 minute promo for SXSW. This for me is pretty much a showcase of just how great the darker side of breaks is.

Adele - Rolling in the deep (Leg&Dary mash-up)
If it wasn't for DJ's like Leg & Dary making dirty mash-ups like this one I probably wouldn't be listening to any pop music right now and this sick little mash-up is the reason why I do.

Bassnectar Vs Shaun Boothe - Poor Boy (Stylust Beats Mashup)
This one still shocks me when I listen to it mashing old school rock, dubstep and hip-hop together is just insane and clearly very, very phat!

ACDC - Highway to Hell (FunkMoguls re-fix)
I posted a Funk Moguls mix last month in the top posts and they came through once again with this sick breaks remix of ACDC's - Highway to Hell.

Don't agree or just want to have your say then hit up the comments with your top posts of the month. All of posts from March can be found here.

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