Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sketi - Big Breaks Weekly Episode 10

Sketi with episode ten in his big breaks podcast. As soon as I heard this I instantly loaded up iTunes and hit the subscribe button. Sketi plays 30 minutes of some of the dirtiest new breaks tracks around right now you definite don't want to miss out on this!. To subscribe to the podcast head on over to iTunes
Big Breaks Weekly - Episode 10 (05/04/2011) by Sketi Music

Tracklist after the jump.

1. Deadmau5 - Ghosts n Stuff (Elite Force Re Rub)
2. Deenk - Elektro (Quadrat Beat Rmx) (Distorsion)
3. Refracture - Hate On This (Dusted Breaks)
4. Shakes - The Biggest Drop (Supatronix)
5. BSD - Phantasmagoria (Mental Machine Musik)
6. Hyper - The End (Beatman And Ludmilla Rmx) (Distinctive)
7. PROMO Only Jack Jones - Play With You feat. Pippa Taylor (Sketi Rmx) (Dirty Red) PROMO
8. Stanton Warriors - New York (Punks)
9. DJ Mutiny - Responded (Under This Rmx) (Downbeat)
10. Access Denied, JellyFish - Carukia Barnesi (Ayra)
11. Meat Katie - Bizarre Is Beautiful (LOT49)
12. Hirshee feat. Sue Cho - Always Tomorrow (Rel1 Re-click)
13. PROMO Altered Beats and The Analogeeks - Sacred Union (Sketi Rmx) (Dirty Drop) PROMO

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