Saturday, 12 March 2011

Top Posts From February

I make around 50 plus posts each month and its quite easy to let some of the best mixes and tracks just pass you by. So at the beginning of each month I'll be posting what I think are the top posts of the past 4 weeks with a little reason why for each.
So lets get his under way:

Preacher Man (Matty Blades Rerub)
In my eyes this was an instant hit, adding that ghettofunk wobble to an already popular old school classic created a monster of a track.

Beardyman's Essential Mix
To date this has had over 9000 plays, Beardyman is one of the best beatboxers around and he really shows it in this essential mix he made for Radio 1.

Stereo:Type - Mixtape February 2011
Now I'm slightly biased when it comes to Stereo:Type as I'm a huge fan of what they do but to be honest what they do is pure genius.

Bezwun - G.F.S.T (Ghetto Funky Superstar Town)
Bezwen pretty much showcased exactly what ghettofunk is all about with this Funkytown mashup.

FunkMoguls - January 2011 Promo Mix
I hadn't heard of The FunkMoguls before this mix but they were instantly added to my list of favourites with that sick DMX remix and all the funky beats laced with scratching in this mix.

Don't agree or just want to have your say then hit up the comments with your top posts of the month. All of February's posts can be found here.

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