Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Cutloose - Boom Town Glitch Hop

This is one of the best Glitch-hop mixes I have had the pleasure to listen to. Cutloose absolutely kills it, this mix will have you shakin' your ass guaranteed. At only 23 minutes long its going leave you needing more but there's always the repeat button! Head on over to his website for a download link to this and his other mixes.

Cutloose - Boom Town Intro
Boretta - Mike, Aaron & Eddie
Probiotik - What The
Edit - More Lazers
Opiuo - Off Chops
Surecut Kids - Bad Bad News (Cutloose Remix)
Pretty Lights - Total Fascination
Killer Queenz - Bitches (South Rakkas Crew Remix)
Eprom - Bubble
Dan Lee & Scrubious Pip - Sick Tonight (Doctor P Remix)

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