Monday, 28 March 2011

DJ Wolfie - "Space Cowboys" RIPEcast Mix

DJ Wolfie part of the Pantheon DJ crew recently recorded a seventy minute mix for the newest episode in 'The Space Cowboys RIPEcast'. This is a journey through some of my favourite styles of dance music, breakbeat, house, nufunk and dubstep. Available for free download so don't miss out. For more info, free music and gig dates from DJ Wolfie head on over to his website.

DJ Wolfie [Pantheon] - "Space Cowboys" by The Space Cowboys

Tracklist after the jump.

1. The Troggs (voiceover)
2. Stanton Warriors - "Get Up"
3. Wolfgang Gartner - (KraftyKuts rerub) "SpaceJunk"
4. Adam Faz remix - "This Time Forward"
5. Jack Palance Voiceover
6. Unknown Doors Remix- "Riders On the Storm" with a bit of Run DMC beats
7. Unknown Remix - "Bulls on Parade"
8. Sidney Samson - "Wake Up Call"
9. Mike Hulme remix "Count Drak" vs "Godzilla" (a Wolfie Remix)
10. Imetic - "Faith in Chaos"
11. Hostage - "Butt Milkin'" with added words by Charlie Chaplin
12. Luechtoon - "Kollectiv Turmstrasse"
13. Dj Wolfie Piano Remix - Skrillex's "Scary Monsters"
14. Vito Muntianese - "Love My Life"
15. Are tha Franlkin remix - "Rock Steady"
16. Nick Thayer Remix - "Zigga"
17. Hobotech Railside Rant Remix of Tom Waits - "(Dub)Step right up"
18. Obtain Remix of Vermin Twins' "Exoskeleton"
19. Ferris Bueller Voiceover

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