Friday, 3 February 2012

Hanuman Tribe - Exclusive Interview (Plus Free Downloads)

Riot Riot label heads Hanuman Tribe took time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.
Plus be sure to check out a few of their free tracks, mixes and releases after the interview.
1. Tell us a little about yourselves - What's the origin of your name? and what inspired you to get into the music scene?

When we started our liveact in 2008 we just came back from another stay in our home country Indonesia. We had some fresh impressions from our cultural roots, and especially Hanuman was one of our alltime fav gods still being honoured in large parts of indonesia. as you might know, hanuman has a powerful army of apes, and in each of these corps there has always to be a section for bangin the drums and making the noises. us.
About the inspiration.. quite difficult. We both started doing music with the age of 6, classical piano. guess since then there was no question to live a life without being in the
music scene.

2. What can people expect from a Hanuman Tribe live show?

Time for sonic excess, steeped in surprising elements, and melting musical extremes: With this project, we always combine melodic parts, piano licks, deep moods & goosebump melodies with the brute power of pounding basses, smashing electronic beats & heavy synth action.
In addition we are performing as a liveact, that means, besides of other artists' tracks we just fire through our set, we play our own productions live on synthesizer, keys + MPC, people can see us go nuts on stage behind our machines and party with the crowd. That's a Hanuman Tribe live show.

3. What projects are you currently working on, and what can people expect from you In the future?

Besides our plans to design a Hanuman Tribe Underpanties Collection? We have several remixes in the finishing, for example one for canadian breaks pioneer Myagi, one for german buddy-label Mähtrasher records, or one remix for Dusted Breaks crusher B-Phreak. But our main project atm is the first HANUMAN TRIBE longplayer. coming digitally, and on CD through a RIOT RIOT / SCHAF RECORDS collaboration. Contrary to expectations we will not deliver a debut LP of original tracks but remixes we did only: It will be the first release of a sonic tryptich, a chronic of three releases, each one with a special theme. And the first one is a collection of remixes of tracks from our artistic neighbourhood, local bands from hiphop, indie, nujazz, rock or even pop - who get their Hanuman Tribe treatment. Also, as we spent most time & power the past year for our label RIOT RIOT RECORDS, and raising new eventseries in our hometown, we will focus this year on liveperformances again, coming with some fresh new ideas we wanna try.

4. Which DJ's/Artists are you feeling at the moment and what new up and coming talent do you recommend for 2012?

Hm, we quite like some artists from the so-called futuretechno front, Modek, Keith & Supabeatz, Wazabi, or Trumpdisco. But there are also awsomeurban stuff beaters as Tambour Battant, Dillon Francis, Sharkslayer, Flore.. and our excess deliverer Sawgood, Drivepilot, Access Denied or You Killing Me.
If we should recommend some guys as rising act, i would say You Killing Me. The combination of strong piano skills, beautiful melodies & hard electro bombs is right our cup of rum!

5. You're on an epic road trip but you¹ve only brought one album, what would it be and why?

Pepe Deluxe - Beatitude, cause of two reasons: It's the album i heard most times without getting bored at a point, and also because at the time when the album came out - i had the most epic road trips of my life.

6. And finally, if you lost your fingers in a freak incident with a type-writer, what would you do to fill the void left by not being able to create music?

At least we still can dance and play the Bass manual, ahem, pedals on organs.
You guys like Saw and movies like this dont u?

Free Downloads:
KING THE FU - Don't You Ever Beg (HANUMAN TRIBE RMX) free download. by HANUMAN TRIBE

HANUMAN TRIBE live @ Big Mama Releaseparty / 1 Year Riot Riot Anniversary by HANUMAN TRIBE

Hanuman Tribe Releases:

Click here to buy the Forever EP.

Click here to buy the Tschukudu EP.

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