Friday, 28 October 2011

Aquasky - Bass Devil Halloween Mixtape 2011

Aquasky have put together an onslaught of breaks bass and dirty dubstep bangers in their latest mix 'Bass Devil'. An hour of phat ass adrenaline pumping bass featuring a few sneak peaks of tracks from their upcoming album 'Raise The Devil' which is out 11th November.
Available for free download.
Aquasky-Bass-Devil-mixtape-halloween-2011 by AquaskyUK

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Tracklist after the jump.

1 Aquasky - Taken over me - Passenger records
(1a )Aquasky feat Accafool press play accapella - Passenger records
2 Run riot
(2a) Aquasky feat Diane Charlamagne - you take me there accapealla- Passenger recs
3 Aquasky feat Tenor Fly and The Ragga Twins - Humble - Passenger
4 Nick Thayer feat Sureshock - Haters gonna hate -
5 Aquasky vs Lee Mortimer feat Daddy Freddie - Girls girls girls - Passenger
6 Intiman Feat foreign Beggars -Hit that (Calvertron remix )
7 Aquasky feat Tenor Fly - Frontline - Passenger
8 Zomboy- Game time -
9 Dodge and Fuski - Adrenaline feat Katrina -
10 Delta Heavy - overkill_ Ramm records-
11 Medics- Play the game-
12 Jazzsteppa Feat Foreign Beggars - Raise the bar (stray remix ) -
13 Rico Tubbs -feel it (Kanji Kinetic remix )-
14 Aquasky Feat Bex Riley - Cold Crush - Passenger records -
15 Tomb Crew -Watch this -
16 AudioBotz -Club stepping-
17 Aquasky vs Pyramid feat Rosin Brophy - and the beat goes- Passenger records
18 Ellis dee and DJ Twista - Touch me
19 Drop top and Figure -we are warriors (Calvertron remix )
20 Aquasky -Raise the Devil - Passenger
21 Rednek - Game over -
22 Aquasky Feat the Ragga Twins, RTC and Mr Thing -Superbad -Passenger recs
23 Kid Digital -Done with that (breaks mix )
24 Karton -Tonight- Klub Kids
25 Aquasky Feat Rosin Brophy- Stardust - Passenger records

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