Thursday, 5 May 2011

Space Cowboys - RIPEcast

The Space Cowboys Podcast in my opinion is probably one of the best and longest running breakbeat Podcast's around. Each week Zach Moore releases a new mix from some of the biggest names in breaks Elite Force, Krafty Kuts, Myagi, Soul of Man, Plump DJs and Zach Moore himself to name a few. If you aren't already listening to the RIPEcast and love breaks, I cant recommend it enough.
Links to the podcast and Space Cowboys website can be found below.
Podcast link and info:
Podcast PodOmatic page
Soundcloud Page
Space Cowboys Website

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Latest episode of the podcast - J9 vs Bassben Live from Breakfast of Champions 2011:
J9 vs Bassben Live from Breakfast of Champions 2011 by The Space Cowboys

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