Tuesday, 19 November 2013

DC Breaks - Datatransmission Podcast 357

DC breaks recently recorded a mix for the long running Datatransmission Podcast.

When it comes to drum & Bass these boys don’t mess around, this is 60 minutes of high octane filthy bass thats gonna be on heavy rotation for a while.
Follow them on:
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dc-breaks-uk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DCBreaks
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dcbreaksuk

Tracklist after the jump.

1. Shaman VIP - DC Breaks
2.LRAD - Knife Party (The Protoytpes Bootleg)
3.F**k It Up – Hamilton
4.Program – Noisia
5.Workout - Andy C
6.Get Lo – Interface
7.Game Over – TC
8.Fornax – Smooth
9.Tap Ho – TC
10.Slugs - DC Breaks
11.Headroom VIP – Audio
12.Beyond Reality - The Upbeats
13.Smash TV - Chase & Status
14.Misfits - Nymfo & June Miller
15.SWAG - DC Breaks
16.Membrane - Gridlok & Prolix
17.Like It Hard – Wilkinson
18.Lounge - Hold Tight (DC Breaks Remix)
19.Get Together – Hamilton
20.Horror - DC Breaks
21.Stomp - Sub Focus
22.Haunting - Andy C
23.Hurting - Calyx & Teebee
24.Diplodocus - Noisia (Kill The Noise remix)
25.Gambino - DC Breaks
26.Abyss VIP - The Prototypes
27.Heartbeat - WIlkinson (Calyx & Teebee remix)
28.Gravity - Mind Vortex
29.Burning - DC Breaks
30.Proton - DC Breaks
31.Glowing in the Dark - Jupiter Ace (DC Breaks remix)
32.Safe in Sound - Sub Focus
33.Breathe In – Koncept
34.Mythos - Inside Info & Mefjus
35.Strung Out VIP - Calyx & Teebee
36.Nightfall - Stealth ft Codebreaker

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